• Szydłówka Vacation Home
               ul. Mazurska 50, 11-513 Rydzewo
  • phone.: +48 601 330 304
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Szydłówka is located in Rydzewo in a real gem uniquely placed along Boczne and Niegocin lakes, which form part of theGreat Masurian chain of Lakes.

The village has very good tourist infrastructure.

They are located here:

  • many bars, inns and eateries,
  • tourist equipment rentals,
  • marina for cruise ships,
  • forest ducts for walks,
  • public playground for children,
  • grocery and industrial stores,
  • church,
  • postal point.


The Masurian Lake District -famed for its clean airand uniquebeauty - is Poland’s greenest region. This is a proves a fantastic venue for people needing to breakaway from the grind of daily life.

The land of the Great Masurian Lakes has such a big lakes as Śniardwy, Mamry, Łebsko, Dąbie or Niegocin.
Rydzewo is near such towns as: Giżycko, Mikołajki, Ryn, Mrągowo, and Węgorzewo.

Masuria is a miracle of nature is wonderful nature, monuments and places that are breathtaking.

Below is information about what to see in the further area of Masuria.